Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ about Moodle

?How to add Teaching Assistants

The lecturer and course staff can add Teaching Assistants to the course website.
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?How to import content from last year's website

Content can be copied from one website to another (from previous years or from the current year). The import process will copy the contents and add them into the matching topics.

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?How to make the course website available for students

The course website is hidden from the students as a default. To allow students to view the site, it must be made available.

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?What are the first steps when building a website in Moodle
?How do you download the list of students for the course

FAQ about Zoom

?How to get a Zoom license

To schedule Zoom meetings through Moodle without a time limit, a university Zoom license must be obtained. The Zoom license is created on the course website for users whose email address is

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?I had a Zoom license last semester, how do I activate it again

The license is still active, you can continue to use it as usual.

?How to check my Zoom license type

The video servers

The course recordings will be automatically moved to the course folder in the video server if the meeting was scheduled from the Zoom activity on the Moodle course website.

?How to schedule a Zoom meeting through the course website
?The students can't see the recordings in Panopto
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